As of today, 1.10.2011, I will resume as the Commander of =FU= for the rest of this year.


I will not be able to spend much time in the battlefield during October month but my main goal is to assist our admins who are working on a new forum for us.
Our new forum is almost ready to be taken in use and I will announce as soon as possible when we are going to make the official move.
This old forum will not be deleted but it will not be available for normal use anymore. It shall only serve as an archive of our community's history.
Several threads, some including content, will be migrated manually to the new forum.


Battlefield 3 is coming out soon and we have high expectations! Hopefully this will reunite our community as Battlefield 2 did before we branched out into other games.
Several old retired members have also announced their comeback in Battlefield 3!


We are going to do some changes to the =FU= structure soon to meet the needs we have today. I will announce more when the actual changes are done.

1) Green and Gold status will be removed. Only Trial and Full member will be used.
2) Merit points will be modified slightly and put to use but no deadline yet.
3) Platoons will be known as Sections.
4) Squads will no longer be used except for a trial squad/group in each Section.
5) Each section will be assigned an admin crew instead of our previous system with a Platoon leader and Squad leaders. A section will be lead by the section leader (previous PL) and he will be responsible for the recruitment and management of his sections admin crew.
6) Xfire squad tags will be removed and possibly replaced with game/task tags. More about this later.

I hope you all look forward to the exciting future we have ahead for our community!