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New 14-06, 06:47
I don't have them but I'll probably go for generic options for now. I only know what mouse I like, definitely Logitech.
New 14-06, 01:09
do you need peripherals (monitor etc.) too or do you already have those?
New 14-06, 00:34
yeah, your main problem will be heat management, so weŽll probably go strong air cooling for the cpu. Biggest issue will be finding a good airflow case
New 13-06, 22:53
Almost all the new mainstream parts are available here.
New 13-06, 22:52
I posted in the General Board. It's pretty hot, the hottest I measured is 52 celsius in shade. I'm currently in Iraq.
New 13-06, 22:24
Also, any particular country you are buying it in/from?
New 13-06, 22:22
do you have any preferences? Also what is the environment like that the pc will be in? Hot and dusty or AC?
New 13-06, 13:21
If anyone can help me pick PC parts, I'm gonna post in the general board.
New 13-06, 13:21
I just love you guys
New 13-06, 10:32
World's first gaming browser, Opera GX.