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    by Published on 23-10-2011 19:27

    =FU= has changed its tag system on xfire and shall no more require a squad specific tag to be worn. Only administrators will wear tags related to their area of work and offline members will wear the [R&R] tag.

    The =FU= and =FU_T= tag remain unchanged.

    Here is a list of the new tags:

    Commander [CMD] Mordus
    Section Admin [SEC] Jontti, Ace, Guizmo
    TS3 Admin [TS3] Kahmy, JonnyFu, Guizmo
    Site Admin [Site] Kahmy, Shadow, Cazz
    xfire Admin [Xfire] Mordus, sbm
    Roster Admin [Roster] Fatcat
    Server Admin [Server] Rainman, Ganja
    Other admins [Admin] All Staff members, Mordus, Cazz
    Rest and Recreation [R&R] Offline members

    There will be some editing of the tags still and if an admin works on several areas he will pick one main and wear that tag.
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