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    Published on 12-01-2012 07:35
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    Say hi to old friend who has spent quite a few Xmases with us.
    He shows the correct Xmas spirit of taking it cool and relaxing with the friends and family you love

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    Join us by filling out this Application for =FU= Membership

    Why you should become a member of =FU=:
    =FU= is not about the games, its about the members.

    1. Join us because you value the social interaction in gaming and the community!
    2. As a member of =FU= you will always be granted a slot in our ingame squads.
    3. =FU= is an adaptive community which will do its best to meet your gaming needs regardless of game.
    4. =FU= is a democracy. You will have ability to voice your opinion about how things should be run from day one of your membership.

    Facts about =FU=:
    Tested by time and approved.

    1. =FU= is a stable gaming community since 2006.
    2. Average age of the members of =FU= is >27 years.
    3. We have arranged real life meetings several times since 2008. Lots of fun!
    4. =FU= is a well organized community with a unique custom built structure and interaction system for all members.
    5. =FU= main community does not have ranks.
    6. =FU= does not allow cheaters/hackers.
    7. =FU= is a completely self sufficient and independent gaming community.

    The Serious community for the casual gamer!
    -Since 2006

    Who are we?

    =FU= is a community aimed for mature players who enjoy casual gaming with friends, without stressful demands on their activity.
    =FU= is a social community and should not be viewed as a competitive team. Participating in any event/training is always voluntary.
    We are an active community in many games, but our main games are considered: Planetside 2, Arma 3, Battlefield franchise, WoT/Armored Warfare, various battle royal titles

    Social gaming:
    Our community is based around social aspects of gaming and not competitive. Members are free to participate in leagues and to hold training events, but everything is done on voluntary basis. It is through our members own initiative that they arrange and participate in specialized events such as training or competitive gaming.

    Code of Conduct:
    We could write a whole book about rules but we shall rely mainly on the common sense of our members to know what is right and appropriate.
    If you cant behave without us nitpicking through a list of do and donts then this community is not for you.

    Forum Rules:

    • Be polite and respectful towards others
    • No real life personal issues in public
    • No Ideological, political or militant discussions on our forum (community politics are of course allowed)
    • No posts intended to offend; no religion, racist, drug related or pornographic posts
    • No posts with content intended to harm =FU= or a member within =FU=

    Community Rules:


    Those who abuse game mechanics or use third party software with the intention of gaining unfair advantage or disrupting games (hacking/padding/glitching) will lose their membership in the Union.


    =FU= Plays often on public or others communities servers. If you wear our tag you represent us all and bad behavior is never accepted. Apart from the rules we have in Freelancers Union you will follow the rules of the server you are gaming on.

    Activity policy:

    The Community

    The general community does not apply and policy for activity. Once an FU, always an FU. Only ingame specific groups may have separate activity policies.

    Planetside 2 Outfit

    Our planetside 2 outfit is not a place for uncooperative or inactive gamers. New outfit members who have not connected with the community outside of the outfit will be removed if they become one month inactive ingame. Members who have connected with the community will be removed if they go more than two months inactive.
    A removal from the outfit due to inactivity is not the same as a ban. You may return at any time. Simply reapply ingame or contact an officer.

    Real life meetings
    We try to arrange these once a year, and they are of course voluntary.

    What will it cost per month to be in =FU=?

    =FU= is a non-profit community, so no membership fees apply - ever.
    If we run a server it is done so by voluntary donations from our members.

    What is required of me if I want to join the core community?

    1) Fill the join application correctly

    2) Use teamspeak 3 and discord

    3) Have your aim set to bring out the best in you

    4) Ability to understand, write and speak English

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