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5000 hours BF2 time.

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Hi there peeps.
this is my first blog, need to try it out

as many of you know i am, or at least was a very active BF2 player.

I've just reached over 5000 hours of playing time in BF2.
that is, according to my Xfire page. ( )

but that's minus my IDLE time, but also plus my playtime before getting Xfire.
so I'd imagine that it evens up.

My hard-core gaming secret

but as BF2 has a strange way off distributing the vehicles.
BF2 gives the vehicles to the players who has been on the server the longest without getting disconnected.
(we often refer to this as: server time)

=TAF= doesn't have any IDLE limit so i made myself a little fix for this.
i made a auto-join shortcut witch will make my computer automatically join the =TAF= server when it's booting.

i also configured my computer accept WOL ( Wake On Lan )
and forwarded the WOL protocol through my router.
and i downloaded an app on my iPhone to send WOL requests over Internet and LAN.

so when i was finished at work, i just clicked on my iPhone and my PC would automatically be ready for BF2.

Xfire vids.

you shouldn't pay much attention to my Xfire videos and pictures.
the only thing i use Xfire recording and such, is for reporting mainly.

so most of the videos are of people smacktarding or similar.
i have over a 100 videos of smackatards.

i used to report a lot of them to =TAF=, but I've given it up.
if you post a vid where clearly a guy that breaking all rules, all the time.
he will be un-banned the next month.

so I've given up sending =TAF= vids and writing reports.

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