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Battlefield 3 Beta - A glimse of our future?

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I downloaded and tried the beta today. After playing 10-15 min I quit (due to work) but it left a very unpleasant feeling. Graphics and destructable enviorment is all good. I like those effects very much but it matters little in comparison to the actual content of the game. Yes it is a beta, I know, but still, this is a glimse of what you are going to get.

Chaotic spawn-die fest

Playing rush mode is a chaotic spawn-die fest. Players with a little bit more gaming time and upgrades seem to be far superior unlike PR where everyone gets the same gear and the actual skill with which you use it makes the difference. Oh and the cooperation is a must in PR.
Yes I am new to the game and not as "skilled" as the rest but it was ridiculous. I spawned straight to death at least 3 times in a row. No communication and cooperation ingame except the minimal input we had through TS, the very minimal we could organize in all the constant chaos.

Award orgie

BF3 is an award orgie. Get ribbons, points, upgrades, ranks and what not. Grinding, if you like it, fine, I dont. It is unfair imo. Go grind your ****ing balls of if you want to get somewhere and not be a running target.

Produce stress, not reduce

When a game makes me swear all the time and generally piss me off - I dont like it, I dont like the game and it does nothing good for me, only produce stress, not reduce it.

Hope is all that remains

I hope, and thats all I have left, that the actual game with conquest mode will be different. That you can actually have some time to build up the game with strategies, communication, cooperation and who knows, maybe even some genuine excitement like PR. (yes I know all the BF2 guys will boo at me for that comment but you dont understand what I am talking about unless you know PR) I just hope the game will not be so focused on the players own ego. GET THE ****ING AWARDS AND UPGRADES! Put your team in secondary priority as what makes your e-penis grow is the award showcase you have earned.

I will give BF3 beta some more tries although my first impression could have been better. I will not pre-order the game, I will not get the game because everyone else seems to get it if I dont like it. If the actual game provides a more mature gameplay content I will reconsider. I hope that people will be honest about the game and not so hyped that they will desperately cling to anything positive in the game that they ignore the bad things.

For now I am going back to PR.

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  1. Mordus's Avatar
    I guess I will have to eat my own words after playing the beta some more. I still dont like how chaotic the game sometime gets with the rush mode but after some gaming and getting familiar with how everything work + the fact that I played with the =FU= platoon I actually enjoyed my gaming last night. The constant awards still feel ridiculous and we had some good laughs at it. I think I got promoted in the game 4 or 5 times during last night. Ridiculous.
    There were some interesting bugs in the game that I discovered. Dead soldiers "floating" along the floor, some shooting randomly towards the roof and other players who had a warped body. I also got locked in the red zone at one point and sometimes my movement felt quite random.

    All in all, I think BF3 is not that bad if you take the beta stage in consideration. I just hope the actual game will provide a lot more.

    I have to eat my own words now and go pre-order the game.
  2. Mordus's Avatar
    Conclusion a year later:

    The game is a scam. Good graphics, destructable features to the map and good sounds are all nice but there are some huge flaws to the game. Lacking almost everything in terms of social gaming was the biggest disappointment. They had the technology in BF2 to use VoIP but they stripped it in BF3. No reason was ever given but everyone knows this is a strategy by EA to make BF3 just bad enough for people to buy it and not play it for too long. That way they have more potential buyers for the next shitty game they release. Making a good game and having loyal gamers is apparently a bad marketing strategy and when it comes to milking the cow for all its worth, EA is the finest example.

    Personally I will not spend money on anything labeled with EA anytime soon. If it were up to me IŽd declare a community wide ban for EA games. We have seen game developers that, although milking a lot of money, they listen to the gamers and develop the games to the best of their abilities. Take wargaming (WoT) and Sony (planetside 2) as an example.

    A few things have been learned. It does not matter how good a game looks, it does not matter how well the sounds are recorded, not even the physics engine matters if you do not provide a social gaming experience in multiplayer it will not be worth it. Dont support EA!