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Extreme personalities [Part I]

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As many of you know my main hobby is Social Anthropology related to online gaming. This means the study of human behavior in social groups. See wikipedia for more info:

Short history:
I began my online gaming in the mid 90's and my study of Social Anthropology began soon after. A decade has passed since and several gaming communities, hundreds if not thousands of gamers have crossed my path. From time to time you will encounter extreme personalities and social groups that will put your understanding in the field at test and sometimes even question your own standing in the social network. Am I as extreme as these individuals and is that a good or bad thing?

About this blog:
I will try to update this blog as often as I can but my RL keeps me very busy right now. This blog is as much a way for me to learn as a way to teach others what I know. I dont know what the results will be, perhaps we will see a uniting pattern or some early warning signals to spot these extreme personalities. I dont know the outcome but I do know it is going to be interesting.

In the next updates I will look at some recent cases that some of us have experience from. Do some profiling and analyzing. We will see where it goes.

Everyone is free to comment and give suggestions about possible extreme persons/communities that I should take a look at.

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    Waiting to see the following blog messages!