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New home...

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So here were are, finally at home. All credit and honour to the old one but somehow it always felt like a temporary place to rest and have fun. Yeah, many great moments shared and stored but time to move on and get something that lasts. My first impression is just whoa... this is nice.

I sure hope our guys will found this easier to approach and we get our forum activity up.

Just to test and to be first and well because... sorry girls... got to ask. This forum, are nipples ok

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  1. Kahmy's Avatar
    I got to say that this is one of my alltime favourite blogposts
  2. Mordus's Avatar
    I like tits
  3. Mordus's Avatar
    more tits needed before we hit the air!
  4. Mordus's Avatar
  5. Mordus's Avatar
  6. Mordus's Avatar
  7. Mordus's Avatar
    Found some other funny stuff

  8. øksa's Avatar
    nice words and nice tits This new page feels somwhat more mature in a way...