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Moondog's [TR] 69th Airbourne Beaver Scouts - blog and picture gallery...

Welcome to Auraxis - where's the coffee?

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Welcome to the insane ramblings of a TR operative - gone native - on Auraxis.

For this series we're embedded with frontline Miller outfit [FU]. With seasoned SL/PLs that simply direct their cre who - more often than not - follows orders. Shocking to hear I know.

Before now, with other rag-tag non-entertaining outfits, it was wandering around Indar or Esamir like a wild man's pish. Which is to say, all over the place.

No more though - I get the feeling hanging out with this cre will increase the dirth of dead Ikeans and pulped Purps lying in a messy trails behind the path to final TR total victory - whenever that is.

This is Moondog signing out. Remember kids - inform on and press your pals into the local [TR] unit - to get shipped out, incinerated and regenerated thousands of times on distant Auraxis. It's the smart thing to do.

They'll thank you for it later. So grab your kit and standard issue T1 Cycler and get into the fray. See you there!

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