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Gender intel acquired !

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I decided to blog this news, mainly cause it seems a bit more appropriate than throwing it out in the forum.
After all, it's a post for those interested

but ey, down to business:
Yesterday, we finally got our ultrasound appointment.
Seems the baby is completely healthy ^^ hell yeah, and thank god!

And we finally got to know the gender!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seems there will be a new =FU= Princess in town !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And with the looks after her father and some from her mother, no doubt she’ll be pretty!!

on a related note: I received a message from one of my earlier school mate, which I found rather very funny, so I’ll share it with you:
this is going to be expensive, good luck! hehe.
I laughed pretty good xD

Anyways, here are the pics:

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  1. Kahmy's Avatar
    Might be worth covering the name and birthday of the missus though. For the sake of privacy.
  2. Addicken's Avatar

    and yeah didn't think much of it since that info is widely available anywho ^^
  3. Thazer's Avatar
    Comgrats I wish you an easy fatherhood and your lady an easy birth and for your family to be strong and united forever! And one more.thing, do not faint at the hospital when she s born
  4. Addicken's Avatar
    thnx verry much thazer, weeell thats fantasy talk ^^, og and i'll try.