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Strange sickness

Strange sickness

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So since..... when was it.. oh yes

Saturday last week after I came home from sensation

I have been felling Drunk, confused, dizzy, and a Short-term memory !

after 2 days at work the dizzy was getting so strong I had problems walking in a straight line.

I told my colleges about it and they were all like "woot"

I went to visit the doctor she said that I had a Virus on my balance nerve! and it could take 1 Week get over

Doctor: Oh and no Tv, gameing, computer, just sleep

Me: (looking surprised) really?

Doctor: yes!

I went out in the car and I was like ... what should I do then ? if I can't game there is no fun in being sick

I drove home in the car feeling I had been drinking 10 beers in a row, but I was still clear in my head!

it's almost over now but still it was getting annoying as hell in the end..

ohh and in the time i have been home i have completed; Penumbra: Overture, Penumbra: Black Plauge, Penumbra: Requiem, allmost Bioshock 2, and 6 hours of terraria, god I miss work now

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  1. J0ntt1's Avatar
    Hopefully it will be over soon!
  2. Tommy987's Avatar