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    Hi soldiers,
    As commander, I announce a Sunday meeting 19H00 Paris time on the 22nd of April 2012.

    Members and friends are welcome. Please send a PM of your presence or absence.

    The Subjects that will be put forward will be.

    1) Our clans situation.

    2) Our gaming and games played at the moment.

    3) The wishes for the future.

    4) Our communication in our clan and towards other clans.

    Each person present at the meeting, will be given the opportunity to talk.

    N.B. To have your moment to speak, please write in the chat on TS.

    Then this will be taken into account and when the moment is for you to talk, you will be asked to intervene.

    We are in a process of moving to a new host. Loss of service is to be expected.
    Published on 12-01-2012 07:35
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    2. Weird and Strange

    Say hi to old friend who has spent quite a few Xmases with us.
    He shows the correct Xmas spirit of taking it cool and relaxing with the friends and family you love

    by Published on 23-10-2011 19:27

    =FU= has changed its tag system on xfire and shall no more require a squad specific tag to be worn. Only administrators will wear tags related to their area of work and offline members will wear the [R&R] tag.

    The =FU= and =FU_T= tag remain unchanged.

    Here is a list of the new tags:

    Commander [CMD] Mordus
    Section Admin [SEC] Jontti, Ace, Guizmo
    TS3 Admin [TS3] Kahmy, JonnyFu, Guizmo
    Site Admin [Site] Kahmy, Shadow, Cazz
    xfire Admin [Xfire] Mordus, sbm
    Roster Admin [Roster] Fatcat
    Server Admin [Server] Rainman, Ganja
    Other admins [Admin] All Staff members, Mordus, Cazz
    Rest and Recreation [R&R] Offline members

    There will be some editing of the tags still and if an admin works on several areas he will pick one main and wear that tag.