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    What is Battlefield 4?

    FPS Game designed to keep up constant action.
    We normally play ticket-based games, IE: first team to deplete the enemy of tickets wins.
    Normally our tactics and team play in BF4 isn't so many formations and cover-fire due to the speed of the game but it's more related to which flag to attack \ defend, and how at the time for the best benefit of the team.

    Join Us On The Battlefield!

    If you are a member of another part of =FU= looking to try BF4, please come join our Teamspeak channel and let us know, if you're unfamiliar with the game, no worries we can teach you.

    Do Not Forget To Add The =FU= Tag.

    In Battlelog, Click on;
    1. Soldier
    2. Overview
    3. Customize
    4. Portrait
    5. TAG
    6. FU

    Keep in mind that equal (=) signs are not allowed in BF4 tags, please only use: FU

    Click here and Join our Battlelog Community.

    If you're not an =FU= Member, you are most welcome to find us in-game and join our squad. We are always looking for team-mates.

    In-Game Basics:

    Behave properly towards everyone.
    Spawn on, and follow Squad Leaders orders.
    Stick with your squad.
    Follow EA Rules aswell as server Rules.

    Rules & Guidelines:

    Always know and follow each server specific rules, just type: !sniper in the chat to view them.
    Lots of servers use sniper-limit some uses DMR-Limit, show the current limit by typing in the text: !sniper or !dmr

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