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    Welcome soldier to the Freelancers Union! Here you can find vital information about the Planetside 2 division of FU and also tips and tricks for a better gameplay.

    Public Platoon Rules:
    1. Keep chat in the platoon channel (Platoon channel can be heard by all of the people in that platoon) to a minimum, this channel is for orders only. This is to prevent voice conflicts with TeamSpeak and the squad channels (Where squad leaders are leading their squads).
    2. If you would like to make strategic suggestions, use TeamSpeak instead of in-game channels.
    3. Follow orders! Planetside 2 a team game, play like you are part of a team.
    4. Respect. Show it. No one wants to hear/read your teenage emotional venting. We have zero tolerance for racism/homophobia etc. Any name/comment we feel goes over the line, will get kicked and insta-banned from future platoons. If you have issues, best keep them to yourself.

    Do so through the in-game outfit browser.
    There are 3 questions to answer, do so in the application box.

    Community details:
    Teamspeak (ts3.fuclan.org - password: futs)

    Teamspeak is free and can be downloaded at teamspeak.com

    Discord (https://discord.gg/xYpGBJs)

    About =FU=:
    The serious community for the casual player. We are a multi-gaming community that is in its 10th year.

    We currently have 3 sister-outfits on Miller in Planetside 2.
    [FU] Freelancers Union
    Dedicated to leading "deluxe" public platoons, outfit nights on Monday and Wednesday. Contact any =FU= Admin to join.

    [nFUc] the Freedom Union
    For all of our smurf action, NC side.

    Don't Panic If You In-Game Voice Does Not Work

    If your in-game voice does not work, you don't have to re-install the game etc. To fix almost any voice related bugs, go to settings, voice, and enable and disable the voice activation box.

    Quotes from happy customers:
    slimslim says, "Did you know we have far more leadership helmets (directive completed) than any other comparable outfit".
    Mordus says, "Line up, soldiers!".
    Chyper says, *inaudible screaming/shouting*

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