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    Why you should become a member of =FU=:
    =FU= is not about the games, its about the members.

    1. Join us because you value the social interaction in gaming and the community!
    2. As a member of =FU= you will always be granted a slot in our ingame squads.
    3. =FU= is an adaptive community which will do its best to meet your gaming needs regardless of game.
    4. =FU= is a democracy. You will have ability to voice your opinion about how things should be run from day one of your membership.

    Facts about =FU=:
    Tested by time and approved.

    1. =FU= is a stable gaming community since 2006.
    2. Average age of the members of =FU= is >27 years.
    3. We have arranged real life meetings several times since 2008. Lots of fun!
    4. =FU= is a well organized community with a unique custom built structure and interaction system for all members.
    5. =FU= main community does not have ranks.
    6. =FU= does not allow cheaters/hackers.
    7. =FU= is a completely self sufficient and independent gaming community.

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    The thing about playing music over voice proxy is......"IT DON'T WORK THE WAY YOU THINK IT SHOULD"!

    The graphic EQ is set up

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