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    The Serious community for the casual gamer!
    -Since 2006

    Who are we?

    =FU= is a community aimed for mature players who enjoy casual gaming with friends, without stressful demands on their activity.
    =FU= is a social community and should not be viewed as a competitive team. Participating in any event/training is always voluntary.
    We are an active community in many games, but our main games are considered: Planetside 2, BF2:PR/SQUAD, WoT/Armored Warfare

    Social gaming:
    Our community is based around social aspects of gaming and not competitive. Members are free to participate in leagues and to hold training events, but everything is done on voluntary basis. It is through our members own initiative that they arrange and participate in specialized events such as training or competitive gaming.

    Code of Conduct:
    We could write a whole book about rules but we shall rely mainly on the common sense of our members to know what is right and appropriate.
    If you cant behave without us nitpicking through a list of do and donts then this community is not for you.

    Forum Rules:

    • Be polite and respectful towards others
    • No real life personal issues in public
    • No Ideological, political or militant discussions on our forum (community politics are of course allowed)
    • No posts intended to offend; no religion, racist, drug related or pornographic posts
    • No posts with content intended to harm =FU= or a member within =FU=

    Community Rules:


    =FU= admins, apply a very strict and totally intolerant policy against any type of cheat. In our community, cheating is absolutely prohibited for every member. Those who cheat (hacking/padding/glitching) will lose their membership in the Union.


    =FU= Plays often on public or others communities servers. If you wear our tag you represent us all and bad behavior is never accepted. Apart from the rules we have in Freelancers Union you will follow the rules of the server you are gaming on.

    Activity policy:

    Planetside 2 Outfit

    Our outfit is not a place for uncooperative or inactive gamers. Every two weeks we check through the list for members who have not registered with our community. Any player on the list that has not registered with the community after two weeks since they joined will be considered as uncooperative or inactive and removed by default from the outfit.

    The Community

    To avoid herding inactive members in our community we follow up on the last login dates for the forum and also teamspeak.
    If nothing is heard from you for 6 months you lose access to the member section of the forum, and put as inactive in our roster.

    To get your access back, simply request your member status to active on the forums again

    Real life meetings
    We try to arrange these once a year, and they are of course voluntary.

    What will it cost per month to be in =FU=?

    =FU= is a non-profit clan, so no membership fees apply - ever.
    If we run a server it is done so by voluntary donations from our members.

    What is required of me if I want to join?

    1) Fill the join application correctly

    2) Use a microphone and teamspeak 3

    3) Teamwork and mature behavior is your main style of gaming

    4) Ability to understand, write and speak English

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