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  1. All we are sayin', is give flash a chance...

    by , 14-10-2016 at 10:44 (Moondog's [TR] 69th Airbourne Beaver Scouts - blog and picture gallery...)
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    The humble flash is seemingly ignored these days. Most encountered are infiltrators as they're rolled over with the wheels of [FU] armour.

    Other times when they're desperately driven as one-way kamikaze attack vehicles - or - desperately fleeing a base when low on nanites.

    Some say Vanu should have one that hovers. Others say the NC's should sound much more like a ...

    Updated 14-10-2016 at 10:52 by Moondog

  2. Welcome to Auraxis - where's the coffee?

    by , 11-10-2016 at 11:17 (Moondog's [TR] 69th Airbourne Beaver Scouts - blog and picture gallery...)
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    Welcome to the insane ramblings of a TR operative - gone native - on Auraxis.

    For this series we're embedded with frontline Miller outfit [FU]. With seasoned SL/PLs that simply direct their cre who - more often than not - follows orders. Shocking to hear I know.

    Before now, with other rag-tag non-entertaining outfits, it was wandering around Indar or Esamir like ...
  3. Tacticst during WW2

    I found an interesssting video and I think we could learn from it ( i know that the tacitcs in ps2 differ from the one in real life, but maybe we can use some elements. If not, it is just a little history lesson and fun to watch:
  4. Some time away from BF4


    During the spring i've been playing BF4 with my mates Addickeen, ThorTheViking and others, but lately I've not logged in at all. And now we're going away for a few weeks on holiday so I'm not gonna play then either... So I just wanted to announce a small time-out from gaming in the near future!

    Best regards,

    Patrik "Thunderbird" Nordlund
  5. Obligatory blog post without writing errors

    There was a request for a blog post to replace the latest one so that the higher-ups wouldn't need to keep looking at the notorious mistype on the title of it. So, here is an obligatory blog post without any mistypes in the title to protect thine eyes, oh great and powerful Kahmy!
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