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  1. Battlefield 3 Beta - A glimse of our future?

    I downloaded and tried the beta today. After playing 10-15 min I quit (due to work) but it left a very unpleasant feeling. Graphics and destructable enviorment is all good. I like those effects very much but it matters little in comparison to the actual content of the game. Yes it is a beta, I know, but still, this is a glimse of what you are going to get.

    Chaotic spawn-die fest

    Playing rush mode is a chaotic spawn-die fest. Players with a little bit more gaming ...
  2. Extreme personalities [Part I]

    As many of you know my main hobby is Social Anthropology related to online gaming. This means the study of human behavior in social groups. See wikipedia for more info:

    Short history:
    I began my online gaming in the mid 90's and my study of Social Anthropology began soon after. A decade has passed since and several gaming communities, hundreds if not thousands of gamers have crossed my path. From time to time you will encounter
  3. First blog entry

    Today we are doing the first tests to our new forum. It is quite confusing right now but I?ll get used to it over time. Seems like there are infinite options to this forum.
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