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  1. Gender intel acquired !


    I decided to blog this news, mainly cause it seems a bit more appropriate than throwing it out in the forum.
    After all, it's a post for those interested

    but ey, down to business:
    Yesterday, we finally got our ultrasound appointment.
    Seems the baby is completely healthy ^^ hell yeah, and thank god!

    And we finally got to know the gender!!!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seems there will be a new =FU= Princess
  2. 5000 hours BF2 time.

    Hi there peeps.
    this is my first blog, need to try it out

    as many of you know i am, or at least was a very active BF2 player.

    I've just reached over 5000 hours of playing time in BF2.
    that is, according to my Xfire page. ( )

    but that's minus my IDLE time, but also plus my playtime before getting Xfire.
    so I'd imagine that it evens up.

    My hard-core gaming ...