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Rants mainly, some usefull stuff can accidentaly appear too

  1. Blogging is fun

    I can write shit down. Let it all out and noone will listen. Sweet.
    **** YOU work!. There...that felt better.

    Not to sound like whiner, I am happy how the new forum is progressing and how positively people relate to it. Maybe it was really high time to move on.
    And actually that banner I made is starting to grow on me...even though it's total shit
  2. Dataconnections are funny

    Way to kill this software seems to be overloading Database connections by adding a crappy addon.
    After that the ****er can't even disable the addon causing the problem. Needed to kill the databaseuser and make a new one. luls@this.

    Thread carefully because:
    Click image for larger version. 

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  3. Progress on the forum is better than expected

    Suddenly a wild serverbreak appears.
    Other than that all work is going excelent. New features are added while people fill the forums.
    That is the way to go, guys
  4. Working on the new forum.

    Working on the new forum today. Intresting stuff, lot of options and lot of ways to fuck up. Thread carefully....
    I just wish that peole at work would leave me alone and let me work on this